Welcome to Bluegrass Best CBD! 

Here at Bluegrass Best our products are manufactured to meet the highest level of compliance and food safety standards. 

We ensure our customers get 3 things when using our products:

  1. CBD oil derived from the best quality Kentucky Grown hemp.
  2. The most potent CBD oil on the market at an affordable price.
  3. Third Party Lab Tested products to prove legitimacy.

Kentucky has been known to have the most nutritious soil and water on the earth.  The state of Kentucky is situated on limestone rock which keeps the soil rich in nutrients and the water pure.  Combine a perfect soil bed and nutritious water together and you have what?  A perfect place to grow Hemp.  We use only natural farming practices from experienced farmers, that are free of pesticides, microbials, mycotoxins, and heavy metals. 



We are 100% committed to staying on the cutting edge of science and nutrition technology with our life-changing products.  From the purest and most natural ingredients, to our world-class manufacturing facilities, BLUEGRASS BEST is a brand you can count on backed by a company you can trust.




If you see or hear the word Kentucky many times you hear the word bourbon going along with it.  This makes sense, because bourbon is one of the main things our state is known for.  What also makes sense is that we at Bluegrass Best would combine two things our state is known for.  Exceptional Hemp and the distillation process used for our bourbon.

Our hemp is grown in rich Kentucky soil soaking up nutrients, harvested, the oil is then extracted using a Co2 extraction method.  The Co2 extraction method ensures that we get all the necessary nutrients out of our plants.  We then distill this extraction using methods similar to making bourbon creating a CBD oil distillate. 

During the distillation process we clear out all of excess plant matter leaving only the cannabinoids, terpenes, and low temperature volatiles.  This final product averages 80% CBD and has a beautiful golden honey look.  Our oil is translucent, giving off a great aroma and such a great taste we don’t even need to add any flavoring.  We want our products to be as Natural as can be.  Our CBD oil tastes wonderful!  



So How do you know if a CBD oil is legit or not?  It's all in the COA (Certificate of Analysis) aka Lab Results.  BUT, not just any lab results.  It is important that we get our products tested by a Third Party.  If we provided you with our own in house COA technically we could make up any results we wanted to?  We wouldn't do that.  But you get what we mean, right?


We send each of our products to a Third Party lab for testing.  We only use top of the line Independent Cannabis testing laboratories to make sure every one of our products is clear of pesticides, heavy metals, mycotoxins or microbials and foreign materials and has the correct potency.

For our Full Spectrum products they also assure that they are below 0.3% THC, which is the legal limit.